Language: Ru / En How to use the program Dashboard – music downloader

Use our program, it will automatically download the most recent and popular music tracks on your computer.

Always only new tracks (hits, RU-TV and many others, all the most popular)

Playlists are updated daily, all the popular new items will be yours

Low monthly fee of 10$ per month

Easy to use, all you need to select the right genre and press one button

Time savings (download takes about 20 minutes, at the same time downloads up to 30 tracks)

Music from rock to pop

Do not need to delete the old downloaded files, the program will automatically replace them with new ones.

Just run the program.

It will automatically download all new music tracks.

Total songs in playlists for today: 649( new 649+ )
Last update of playlists: 17-01-2019

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